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I’ve put together a collection of my 12 best Lightroom CC presets that I use on a daily basis to edit all of my images.
To ensure the best results I’ve tested each preset on a variety of my images to deliver a consistent look, as well as to have them be as versatile as possible. My editing style varies depending on the image which is why I have divided the pack into two different types of presets. DJ0 presets and DJA presets. The 5 DJ0 presets are more general and apply a nice filmic look to any image. The 6 DJA presets are some of my favourites for landscape shots as these provide a more dramatic and colourful look, that can really bring out the beauty and colour of a shot. Furthermore the first preset you will find in the pack is my @danielsjensen preset. This has been my most-used preset for over 2 years, and has been constantly evolving as my style has changed. This is my most versatile preset, as I have adjusted it through time to be the broadest and most wide-ranging preset to accompany all my images for a base look.

This pack includes the following 12 presets

DJ 01, DJ 02, DJ 03, DJ 04, DJ 05
DJA - Archway
DJA - Azores Outlook
DJA - Fall Contrast
DJA - Nyhavn Morning
DJA - Palm Sunrise
DJA - Soft Light

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